Will she be strong with the force.....

I had the chance today to meet baby Ellissa and photograph her.

 We only had about 10 mins of actual shooting due to a quick emergency they had to leave for but for the time i got to spend with her and her awesome parents Brad and Kelsey , You could truly tell she is loved.

One thing you should know about Ellissas parents is that they are Cosplayers on the Star Wars side of the Cosplay world. We had planned to use his helmet for some shots but due to them having to head out unfortunately we was not able to use it.

while we was shooting , Ellissa took a mini bathroom break and brad took her to change her and well ..... He was welcomed to the joys of a newborn babies bad poop day. 

 As he described it he will never look at mustard the same way ever again. Boy he has no clue what is about to come , Wait till she tries big people food.

For the few minutes we shot , We got some great shots but since it was the same outfit , I decided to choose my favorite from the shoot and post it so everyone can see.

Now the question is since her parents are apart of the Star Wars Universe will she Join the Empire  or follow the path of darkness and become a Rebel.

Time can only tell which path she will choose.

In a Galaxy Far , Far Away.

Zoo Trip

Decided to get out today and get off my lazy ass ,  as well as  build some endurance in my legs so I don't walk like crap anymore (wishful thinking) and shoot some photos of Animals.


It's finally time to choose someone to win the Sigma 85 1.4 art.



It is finally time.

I posted months ago about when May came around I would choose someone to win this awesome lens.

I will be choosing one winner this Thursday on May 4th 2017.

Ok here are the rules.

#1 You must like christian mayberry photography Facebook page.

#2 in the comments below on this post please comment the camera you will be using it for.

#3 finish off your comment with a #Rockthepit

#4 comment finished on the fb post to ensure when chosen we can contact you immediately and have it sent asap.

I will have a winner chosen randomly at 7pm.

If you do not follow all of these rules you will not be entered  4th 

Rockfest KC 2016

Photos from Rockfest KC Featuring ... Disturbed , Saint Asonia , Escape the Fate , Pop Evil , Sevendust, Red Sun Rising , an Ghost. ©Christian mayberry 2016

Lou Ferrigno Interview at wizard world St.louis 2016

Lou Ferrigno was in town for Wizard World St.Louis 2016 an took a moment to sit down an talk with rockthepits.com .

Christian: How did you come into the role as the incredible Hulk?

 Lou Ferrigno : I was training very hard for Mr Olympia. There was a phone call from a casting agent. They had the Hulk shooting with Richard Kiel (‘Jaws’ in the James Bond movies). He doesn’t look like the Hulk; they realized they did a mistake. So they did a nationwide search. I went down for the audition. I was hired on the spot. I was showing the emotions of the character. I was working the next day.

Christian: Is the hulk you're favorite superhero or do you have another favorite?

Lou Ferrigno : Superman would have to be my favorite ever since I was a kid.

Christian : what do you consider to be your favorite all time role?

Lou Ferrigno : It would have to be a film that comes out next year , Instant Death it is my best acting I have ever done.

Christian : I read that you used to train with Arnold. So, who would win in a fight: the Hulk, or the Terminator?

Lou Ferrigno : The hulk of course.

Christian: Have you had a chance to check out any of he sights in St.louis … what would your favorites be.

Lou Ferrigno : I have only been here for a day , I have not had the chance to visit any of the sights but tomorrow , I will be checking out this new Jazz an Blues Museum.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us an I hope the Wizard world Comic Con Convention goes well for you.

Lou Ferrigno : Thanks you to!!!!


Make sure to Check out Lou Ferrigno at Future Wizard World Comic Cons dates , There is also a vast majority of celebrities joining Wizard World along the tour , Like Matt Smith , Luke cage , James marsters an more.

Find more införmation about Wizard World at wizardworld.com and see if they will make a stop at a city near you.