One of my Favorite Conventions I shot!!!

2014 was a Spectacular year for conventions in the St.Louis area , One awesome convention after another from wizard world all the way to Archon , but for me one always stood out especially for photos.

Anime St.Louis raises the bar every year in the St.Louis area for how fun a convention can be , You can guarantee you will see tons an tons of cos-plays (costume role playing ) throughout the convention almost everyone that shows up is ready to show off their cos-play.

You usually see everyone from Scooby to the Master Chief , All the way to a random dead pool hanging out with groot , Every corner you turn you never know what you will see.

Plus on top of the great Cos-plays you can always guarantee a awesome party that night at the Double Tree an fun gaming going on through out the whole floor of the Gateway Convention center , If you are into Animal Crossing or Pokemon their is a really high chance you will run into someone or a group playing on a 3ds or over wifi through the convention floor.

The Cos-playing  is not the only reason many thousands flock to Anime Stl every single year an making it a staple for the St.Louis region. Anime St.Louis has many spectacular panels from every sort of genre of anime an fun vendor rooms packed with more options of anime an cartoons than you know what to do with in a year.

During this particular Anime Stl i was offered the chance to bring in a back drop an shoot some photos with lighting an awesome subjects and here is a preview below of how the day went with the shoots.

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Make sure to head to Anime Stl 2016 when they go back to St.Charles to make a even bigger an better an more jam packed Convention for everyone to enjoy.