Black Veil Brides warped Tour

Armed with my nikon d800 an d600 an a nikon 70-200 2.8 an a 85 1.8 

I had the opportunity awhile back to photograph one of my favorite bands Black veil Brides on one of their stops on Warped Tour .

After a day of sweltering heat and big crowds an kids an adults both hitting me in the head when they were moshing an crowd surfing , I finally got to the band i had been waiting for all day.

This set was shot at f2.8 96% of the time early on i had to shoot f4 due to the sun ~ 

I love being able to shoot a band i am a fan of as it makes me more enthusiastic to get the perfect shot an try for a shot that i will want to hang up in my living room not just for a media outlet that i am working with ~ 

All together this set was amazing an the adrenaline was high from the beginning of the set to the end ~ making for great photos ~


Cameras used : Nikon d600 (with 85mm) , Nikon d800 (with 70-200 2.8)