Will she be strong with the force.....

I had the chance today to meet baby Ellissa and photograph her.

 We only had about 10 mins of actual shooting due to a quick emergency they had to leave for but for the time i got to spend with her and her awesome parents Brad and Kelsey , You could truly tell she is loved.

One thing you should know about Ellissas parents is that they are Cosplayers on the Star Wars side of the Cosplay world. We had planned to use his helmet for some shots but due to them having to head out unfortunately we was not able to use it.

while we was shooting , Ellissa took a mini bathroom break and brad took her to change her and well ..... He was welcomed to the joys of a newborn babies bad poop day. 

 As he described it he will never look at mustard the same way ever again. Boy he has no clue what is about to come , Wait till she tries big people food.

For the few minutes we shot , We got some great shots but since it was the same outfit , I decided to choose my favorite from the shoot and post it so everyone can see.

Now the question is since her parents are apart of the Star Wars Universe will she Join the Empire  or follow the path of darkness and become a Rebel.

Time can only tell which path she will choose.

In a Galaxy Far , Far Away.