Are you new to the world of photography ? Have you been mesmerized by the photos your friends take an can't quite figure out how they get that tack focus sharpness each time they take a photograph ? Did you just pick up your very first Dslr an want to get out an shoot but to scared of all the settings to actually turn the dial ? Then you came to the right place in this article I spoke to many Professional photographers an asked them what tips they could give that helped them along the way as a photographer. 

Tip #1  ~ Don't get discouraged if your photos don't look "good". It takes time to understand the dynamics of aperture, ISO and depth of field. Read. Experiment. Read more and experiment more. ~ Steven Money ( Concert & Portrait Photographer ) 

Tip #2 ~ First bit of advice I could give is read the camera manual. Understand where the buttons, menu items are and what they are for. Nothing is worse than to have to change a setting in the photo pit and not know where to find a setting. ~ Allan zilkowsky ( zuma press) 

Tip # 3 ~ best tip i can give photographers starting out is to take a couple art classes, especially on composition. ~ Jim Gilbert (

Tip #4 ~ "Practice. Know your camera, then all you need to focus on is composition & capturing emotion". Kenny Williamson (

Tip #5 ~ If concert based or just loud environments, wear ear plugs!! I Didn't realize how important They were until I had some hearing loss. An a  Second body always along with extra memory cards. ~ Daisy Beltran ( )

Tip #6 ~ Do not stress about your camera body starting out ~ Many new photographers stress a lot when they see some of there friends or just acquaintances with big camera bodies an big lenses ~ These bodies an lenses do not make them better photographers , each photographer has to sit an learn there cameras an how they work with practice ~ just because they have really expensive equipment does not mean better photographs if they do not know how to properly use the camera or the lens ~ They might as well be using a $100 camera body if they can't figure out how to take consistently good photos with there camera. The success of a photograph ultimately comes down to the photographer not the camera ~ many people every day take award winning photos with iPhones ~ get out there an learn your camera you will never become better just watching videos on youtube if your not practicing what you are learning ~ Christian Mayberry (

Tip #7  ~ Something that definitely has helped me take better photographs is taking the time to really fully understand and shoot with manual settings. Setting my own Shutter speed, aperature, iso ect. Has really helped me truly learn and get great shots better than any automatic setting did! ~ Lainey Taylor (

Tip #8 ~ On most Dslr Cameras , There are options to be able to pick your own focus point in side the cameras view finder , When you look through the camera's view finder an see the little squares or flashing dots these are your focus points. Make sure your camera isn't the one selecting the focus point because 9 times out of 10 it usually picks the wrong subject or the wrong spot to focus make sure you are the one manually picking these points over time you will know which point is best for different style of photography. Get out your manual an figure out how to change the setting so you pick the points an give it a try ~ Christian Mayberry 

Tip #9 ~ Hmmm well i would say get to know your equipment very well, Learn how to shoot in full manual & dont be afraid to experiment. ....and of course dont rely on photoshop to "fix" everything....nothing wrong with using & experimenting with PS, but dont always rely on it to "fix" everything. ~ Dave Barbaric (

Tip #10 ~ Be patient and experimental with the triangle (Iso ,Aperture, Shutter Speed,). I think you learn more by messing up than trying to do it perfectly the first time.

I'm not really sure what to say, but what I do know is that not everyone is going to like all your images or the way you process, I just do what is visually pleasing to me. ~ Amber Miller  (

Tip #11 ~ Learn on an inexpensive camera. You will grow faster by not relying on the advances of camera electronics by using them as a crutch to achieve a better picture (Karl Lund)

Tip #12 ~ My one tip would be to not listen to what others say they think is right, and go with your own style. Create your own style, your own identity. That's the beauty of photography. Aside from a few items in composition there are no wrong answers. long as you see the final product as a representation of the world through your eyes and vision then you are on your way to develop your own style. Created by you. Once you get your style then you can expound from there. But to me, that is the most important thing to start with ~ Sean Derrick (

Tip #13 ~ Never take your camera out of manual mode. If your photo isn't a good photo then adjust your settings. It's that simple. Once you've mastered a setting for a specific environment be sure to lock it away in your memory for safe keeping. Doing this will force you to use your brain and that's the only way you'll ever obtain and retain the skills needed to grow as a photographer ~ Karl Lund (


The Top Photographers in the world did not wake up an pick up a camera for the first time an start taking amazing photos it took practice sometimes years an years of practice , Photography is one skill that you are constantly learning with each an every photograph . If you have taken one thing away from this article it is to get out an practice with your camera an don't be afraid to have a bad photo only you will be the one to see it an you learn what you did wrong an will know what to do better the next time ~ So get out an Practice , Practice , Practice ~ Thank you for reading the post I look forward to add more post like this in the very near future ~